Friday, May 26, 2017

Nathan: Zephyr Fire 300 Hand Torch LED Light and LUX Strobe RX Review

Safety is something that we shouldn’t take lightly regardless of what we do especially while running. One of the reasons we get into an accident is because we are sometimes less visible to pedestrians and motorists. It's obvious that in order to avoid that is to make ourselves visible. 

Nathan is known for its awesome hydration system but they also have a great range of visibility products. As their motto goes, "See. Be Seen. Run Longer"Zephyr Fire 300 Hand Torch and LUX Strobe RX embodies what that motto is all about.

Let's take a closure look:

The Zephyr Fire 300 Hand Torch is a handheld lighting device that is engineered and designed for runners. It features a 24 degree downward projection that helps eliminate hand twisting during the run. The ergonomic design provides a natural hand position while running and giving you the optimum illumination for your path.

Nathan incorporated the "Y" pattern secure system that is fully adjustable and can accommodate most hand sizes. With this strap, you can now relax your hand. Truly beneficial especially on longer events and rainy conditions.

There are two main buttons: the top button controls the light intensity and if you continuously push it, this will cycle thru its five modes of lighting plus the rear LED light. The second button controls the warning siren in case of an emergency.

The Zephyr Fire 300 utilizes the micro USB when charging, it normally takes about 6-hrs to fully charge the unit. A red LED will light up to indicate charging and green light to indicate it is fully charge.

I have tested quite a few lighting systems from Nathan and this by far is my favorite. One of the great features of the Zephyr Fire 300 is the strap system that securely strap the unit to my hand. To cinch it down, a simple pull of the elastic strap is all it takes and it sits comfortably without creating any tension. The body of the unit is tapered where the top portion diameter is larger than the bottom. This feature with the addition of the finger grooves make this unit fully ergonomic. My fingers fall directly on the grooves and the rubberized material helps me to have a much better grip when needed.  

To activate the unit, all you need is hold the power button for a few seconds and it will initially fire up in low setting mode. Push the power button the first time and it will activate the rear LED light in strobe mode. Second push will give you the medium light mode, third push will give you the high intensity mode and the fourth will give you the strobe setting in high intensity mode. To power it down, hold it for 2-3 seconds.

The location of the warning siren falls exactly where the index finger is, which makes it easy to activate should you need it. It creates a very audible sound which I found very useful on oncoming cyclists and pedestrians. Activating the siren also activates the red LED strobe light. 

The 24 degree is perfect as it naturally illuminates my path and the dispersion of light covers enough area for me to see a wide range of areas in front of me. I have used the Zephyr Fire 300 many times during my early weekend runs and walks around the neighborhood late night with my wife and kids. 

In addition to the Zephyr Fire 300 Hand Torch is the LUX Strobe RX safety light that is also a micro USB rechargeable that provides a 270 degree of visibility with a choice of red, green or blue LEDs and lively strobe patterns that makes you visible even at 2,400ft.

It is very convenient to use as it easily clips in to your short, shirt or hydration gear. I normally put this at the back of my running shirt (and at the seat post while cycling) which helps me to be more visible to those people coming from behind. I love putting it on strobe setting which catches everybody's attention.

My Verdict
The Nathan Zephyr Fire 300 Hand Torch and LUX Strobe RX are very powerful and versatile lighting units that runners and any outdoor enthusiasts must have. Both of these units are rated weather resistant so you can use it even on wet and rainy condition. It allows you to see your path naturally and more importantly it allows you to be seen. These units will surely increase your visibility and presence with the rest of the people you around you. Don't put yourself and the people around you at risk, I cannot stress enough how important safety is. Enjoy the run...but be smart and be safe.

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