Friday, January 27, 2017

Injinji: Trail Series Socks Review

How particular are you when it comes to socks? Do you have specific socks for each type of activities like cycling, running or hiking? I’m guessing the answer to that question is yes, simply because not all socks are created equal. I wish I have known this long time ago, I still remember back in a day that I could care less on what type of socks I would wear whenever I go out for a run. I’ll just grab whatever is available in my drawer and hit the road. I’m not sure why, maybe because I don’t have that much to choose from or maybe the distance that I was running was not that much (oh 3mi was the farthest I can run then😁).

That is no longer the case, I pay close more attention on those small details. As a long-distance runner, our feet play a vital role. Socks (next to shoes) are essential piece of equipment that provide the second layer of protection to our feet and there’s no argument that we need to protect it.

I’m sure you’ve heard this company many times, Injinji. Creating socks is their bread and butter…their socks are synonymous to “toesocks”. So, what are toesocks? Unlike the traditional sock which just covers only the foot, the toesock acts like a compressed glove that protects not only the foot but every little piggies as well. The toesocks are left and right specific in that term and you cannot interchange them. I’m training for my first Ultra-marathon, the Salmon Falls 50K trail run and they sent me a pair to test out, the Spectrum Trail Midnight Crew and the Trail Midweight Mini-Crew.

58% Nylon
58% Nylon
3% Lycra
3% Lycra

·      Total foot utilization
·      Moisture management
·      Blister prevention
·      Mesh top lock
·      Arch support
·      Protective cushion
·      Double cuff*

Fit and Functionality
Both of these socks fit very well and are cut based on the industry standard. I haven’t had any problems with all the socks that I have tested from Injinji, so the sizing that you see on their label is cut true to standard size. If this is your first time wearing this kind of socks (each toe needs to be guided into its sleeve) it might feel a little bit strange, since all the toes will be in its own sleeve or sack. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it within minutes.

Injinji’s “Trail Series” socks are specifically develop to handle the uneven and unpredictable terrain of the trails and are built to handle the impact with a protective cushion. The Spectrum Trail socks are quite longer which rests just below the calf and it provides more protection to the skin. You could also feel a slight compression effect that you’ll definitely appreciate as it helps to minimize the jarring motion of the muscles during the run. People have different ways of expressing themselves and Injinji’s new look and graphics that they imprinted on their Spectrum socks will definitely catch somebody’s eyes. I have to agree on their claim, their design will not fade or distort when worn…it’s pretty cool though in my opinion.

I know that everybody is different and if you’re not fond of wearing longer socks then the Trail Mini-Crew is for you. It offers the same benefits and functionality of the Spectrum except that it is shorter in length. The mini-crew length rests just above the ankle, but fully covering and protecting the heel and it has a double elastic cuff to keep the dirt and debris from getting in.

I have tested these socks on my trail runs and open orchards close to where I leave and I have to agree on Injinji’s claim. If you’re looking for a true cushion socks that can handle the impact of trail running, then look no more! The five-toe sleeve design allows the toe splay naturally and align properly, enabling greater stability, balance and comfort. With each toe protected, there is no skin on skin friction which prevents blisters and hotspots.

My Verdict
Injinji’s “Trail Series” socks are by far one of the best socks that I have tested and own. The padding and the protective cushion at the bottom provides outstanding support from impact. I didn’t experience any hot spots, blisters or overheating during my test runs and never did I adjust them, it literally stayed in place and the breathability is next to none. If these socks can handle the impact of uneven terrain of the trails, imagine what it can do for you on paved surfaces. I tried it many times on road and I was even more impressed with it.

I am very pleased with Injinji’s Trail series socks! But don’t just take my word for it…you have to experience and feel the difference yourself. These socks are available at their website or at retail stores near you. The Spectrum sells for $17 and the Mini-Crew sells for $15, respectively. The price is very decent and reasonable, it’s a high performing sock that will serve you for extended period of time

Here’s a short video on why Injinji toesocks are better than traditional socks.

Give them a try and I’m sure that you’ll be more pleased than I am. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any comments.


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