Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Brooks: LSD Running Jacket Review

If you are familiar with Seattle, Washington you probably know that it is the second state where it rains the most (Portland, Oregon is the first just in case you’re wondering). Washington’s average annual rainfall is 38 inches. Yes, it rains a lot on that area! You might be thinking where am I going with this. Well, Brooks HQ is located in Seattle, Washington and I’m quite sure that people living in that area have learned how to adapt with their environment. There’s probably no other companies out there that can tell you what type of gears work best on this type of condition other than Brooks.

Brooks is no stranger in the running communities and it’s one of the brand companies that I can truly rely on when it comes to my running needs. I had the privilege to review some of their shoes and never was I disappointed. You can read my in-depth reviews of the Transcend 3 (click here) and Launch 3 (click here).

Fall and Winter seasons are always accompanied by plenty of rains, but I don’t let this kind of situation deter my running. I still like to do my workouts outside despite this condition and having the right gears is a must. I guess it’s pretty obvious who I need to contact, so I reached out to Brooks and requested one of their best-selling jackets…the LSD Running Jacket.

·      100% ripstop nylon

·   Lightweight, windproof and water resistant protection
·   Full-zip with chin guard and draft flap
·   Headphone anchor zipper pull
·   Four way stretch fabric
·   Packs into back zip pocket that houses wearable, elastic band for portability
·   Soft, stretch cuffs
·   Front and back reflectivity
·   Semi-fitted

Fit and Functionality
The LSD Running Jacket is one of the lightest jackets that I have tested, weighing approximately 5 ounces. It’s semi fitted that follows the contour of the body yet offers enough room for the body to breathe. Their sizes have been updated since fall of 2015 and the fit is more runner friendly, regardless of your build. I’m not sure how much of a difference they did but comparing this medium jacket with other medium jackets I typically wear, they are almost identical. Additionally, to avoid the confusion of such many sizing (like Japan and Euro) Brooks is utilizing US sizes only.

The LSD Running Jacket is a lightweight wind breaker / water resistant that is made of 100% ripstop nylon. Most companies are using this new fabric to take advantage of its lightness yet durable enough to withstand the tearing and ripping. This is critical for trail runners since they are more expose to trees and branches that could rip their first layer of protection.  

First thing that you’ll notice on this jacket is the lack of pockets. There is only one pocket located at back right hand side that serves as a dual purpose. You can stash your running essentials like gels and some cash to this pocket. I wouldn’t suggest to put anything too much on this pocket since it will create a lot of bounce and will just probably annoy you while you run.

This pocket also serves as a sack for the jacket itself when not in use and you can easily strap it around your bicep (which I prefer) or hook it up to your carabiner in the event you do some mountain climbing or trekking.

It has full zipper that has an internal flap preventing the cold air from coming in. At the very top, is a zipper garage that hides the zipper and protects your neck and chin from rubbing. One of the cool features of this zipper is the headphone anchor that eliminates the tension of the cord from your ears. So if you like listening to your music while running then you’ll definitely appreciate this innovation.

The cuff is fully elastic around the circumference but it will not constrict your wrist. There is a good amount of clearance between the wrist and cuff that helps fresh air to get thru.

As a safety standpoint, this jacket offers a 360 degree of reflectivity that makes you visible during low light conditions.

Common to all jackets now a day is the hem portion which extends much longer than the front. This helps protect your back side from getting wet. There is also a draw string along the hem that you can access with just one hand and this prevents cold air from getting in.

For me, the performance of this jacket was really impressive. I’m very keen on my running apparels and the last thing that I want to do is stop and fix any discomfort during the runs…nope that didn’t happen. I sweat a lot and the possibility of overheating is very common when having a closed zip jacket, but not with the LSD. There is a good amount of breathability and it’s very comfortable to skin despite it sticking to my arms. The problem with other jackets is when the material rub against itself that could sometimes be noisy and annoying, well the ripstop fabric is not. I know that this is so miniscule but I really appreciate any little things that can make my run pleasant. In terms of weight, though this is not the lightest jacket that I have tested, I wouldn’t mind carrying this around if the weather seems unpredictable.

My Verdict
It all boils down to simplicity and functionality and I’m extremely pleased with how the LSD performed during my test runs, this should not be a surprise for a brand like Brooks. The LSD Running Jacket is an excellent choice to have with you when the weather seems unpredictable, it’s lightweight, windproof, water resistant and very portable.

The LSD Running Jacket sells for only $100 which is a decent price for a jacket that offers so much. You can purchase it directly on their website or at retail stores near you.

Thanks so much for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to post below.

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