Friday, December 9, 2016

2016: California International Marathon

The 2016 California International Marathon is officially in the books!

Wow! After four long months of training I can finally breathe and take the back seat. This is my third year of doing the CIM and it seems that I cannot get enough every time I cross that line. The feeling of “getting it done” is so satisfying. I know that most runners who toed that line never had any easy trainings at all, besides who wants to tackle the 26.2 miles (42.2 km) without putting the miles…it’s a suicide! I know for a fact that it will take a lot of luck to do the marathon training without getting injured at some point. Yes, I had some hurdles but luckily it’s not as serious compared to the previous years.

I followed the “Run Less, Run Faster” program and the main goal was to finish it under 4 hours. I learned a lot on the two previous marathons…never go too fast and never go too slow. I was more relax this time and was within the pace that I needed to be. My first goal was to cross mile 20 within 3 hours which I was able to accomplish. I got my second wind after mile 20 and I was on my way breaking that 4 hour barrier but somewhere along mile 23, my legs just fell apart. I’m not sure what happened but my muscles just tightened up (no, not cramps) and have to battle the 3.2 miles with a run / walk approach. My hope just disappeared within my eyes when the 4 hour group sailed without me…”wait for meeeeee”.  I crossed the line at 4:12:25. Though I didn’t accomplish my goal, it was a good run overall. Besides how bad it could be…I crossed the finish line standing up and still smiling. 

Thanks to my wife and kids for putting up with me especially on weekends that we could have spent some time…instead I ended up running. Thanks for picking me up at the end of my 20 mile runs.  We could have done something after that but you guys just let me sit and sleep instead (or probably you just don’t want to hear me nag about my aching feet). Those nights that my wife has to bear the smell of “Bengay or Salonpas” and never did she say a word...“Sorry momma, your man is really getting old :-)”.

To my running partners that kept me motivated on those days that I felt like crap, thanks for the push…you guys rock!

Lastly, thanks to the Sacramento Running Association for such a wonderful job in keeping this running tradition alive. Can’t wait to see you all again in 2017 CIM!

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