Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pearl Izumi: SELECT Thermal Jersey Review

Being out so early in the morning is what most cyclists do to get their workout done. However, now that we’re in a fall season this could be a challenge for some. We feel the cool morning breeze and would rather do one of the following:
1.) Sleep more
2.) Do the workout at the end of the day
3.) Do the dreaded trainer for hours
4.) Or just wait for the sun to show up.
Most will probably pick the 4th one, but just because the sun is shining that doesn’t mean it’s warm. I know how it feels and I experienced all those things I mentioned above.

Good news is that it’s not yet too cold and layering up in not yet worthy in my opinion. We can still get away to wearing single layer of clothing. Pearl Izumi has a new line up of apparels for early fall, the SELECT Thermal Jersey is very ideal to wear for this kind of weather. A thermal jersey that I can wear by itself but enough to keep me warm throughout my ride. If you’re not familiar with Pearl Izumi, it is a brand that you can associate with cycling. I’ve known them since I started mountain biking almost two decades ago and I truly believe that their gears and apparels are one of the best in the market today. They also venture out in producing running and triathlon specific gears and apparels but these are just small areas of what they do.

I have tested and reviewed few of their products in past like the Pursuit 5” shorts, P.R.O Escape Jersey and the Elite In-R-Cool Bib Shorts . You can read my review on the Pursuit by clicking here and for the Jersey and Bib shorts by clicking here.

Now, let’s get into details with the SELECT Thermal Jersey.

·         100% Polyester
·         Weight: 162 g/m2

·    SELECT Thermal Fleece sets the benchmark in warmth and moisture transfer
·    Internal welted zipper design for wind protection
·    Full-length zipper for venting
·    Contoured, shaped sleeve hem seals in warmth
·    Gripper elastic with silicone print holds the jersey in position
·    Three back pockets for storage
·    Reflective elements for low light visibility
·    Semi form fit

Fit and Functionality
The SELECT Thermal Jersey is made from 100% polyester that is meant to provide breathability, wicks moisture, and dries fast. It’s a semi-form fit, meaning it’s not too snug like a race cut jersey but not too loose like a club jersey. It’s a line drawn between those two that gives me the freedom to move despite some thickness on the material and with no parachute effect.

The Pearl Izumi has three different series (categories) on how they rank their apparels, and the SELECT is their lowest category. But don’t be fooled just because of how it was categorized. The features and materials used maybe different from the P.R.O and Elite series but it is pack with the same level of performance with a “budget friendly” price that most cyclists will surely appreciate.

The design of the thermal jersey is very clean, combining four different colors…very pleasant to the eyes and not too flashy.

As Pearl Izumi labelled this, it’s still called a jersey… a long sleeve jersey to be exact. Which means you can wear this piece as a stand-alone and still gives you full coverage of protection. It still carries the same qualities like the 3 back pockets for storage. Since this is geared towards cold weather, you’ll also appreciate the extended rear hem to protect your back from rooster tails. Though it is extended, it’s not too long that it might get caught under the seat when you decide to stand up. The extended hem is also equipped with some silicon gripper to keep it in place and not bunch up while riding. Safety is their number one priority so PI also included some reflective materials on key areas to make you visible during low light conditions.

When it comes to the material, the SELECT thermal fleece fabric provides a fuzzy feeling to the skin and the outside is incredibly smooth. As I mentioned on the above that it is designed to be worn by itself but you could also wear some base layer for extra moisture management it if that’s what you prefer. It provides a good thermal insulation and based on their claim that it can be worn for temperatures between 45 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. I can attest that it does. The insulation was so perfect and I was able to maintain my core temperature at a perfect level and it even provided a good a barrier from the cold wind. I was able to stay dry and warm with the help of its ability to wick moisture out. What I liked most is that this thermal jersey is equipped with full zipper that I can easily access if the temperature suddenly changes and if I tend to heat up during the ride. On the days that the weather seems colder, all I have to do is carry my wind vest for extra protection and avoid the hassle to bundle up.

My Verdict
Pearl Izumi’s obsession with perfection is reflected on all of their products and their brands are built to last a lifetime. It is no surprise to me that this apparel has performed beyond my expectations and lived up to the hype. I have tested this on dry cold mornings and very satisfied with its performance.

I have to admit that cycling is not a cheap sport. The equipment, gears and apparels are somehow on the high end but the SELECT Thermal Jersey comes in a very decent price of $100 only. You don’t have to drop extra cash just to get the performance of the high end apparels, this thermal jersey can deliver and will not disappoint.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the SELECT Thermal Jersey and I highly recommend that you give it a try. You can purchase it directly on their website or go to retail stores near you.

Thanks for reading and feel free to post below if you have any comments or questions.

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