Friday, September 23, 2016

Salomon: X-Scream 3D Shoes Review

I’ve known Salomon brands for a long time but I never really had a chance to get to know their products better until I tested out some of their apparels (you can read my review of those apparels by clicking here). I got to say that I am so pleased with their performance and it delivers what they promised to deliver…no hype no sugarcoat. I also received a pair of shoes to test out and I’ve been putting this on the mill for quite a few weeks now.

Salomon is no stranger to trails and that’s the area where they really shine. They’re very popular with Ultra-runners and you can pretty much equate their name to any endurance sports you can think of.

Their trail shoes are one of the best in the market today when it comes to durability, strength and comfort but Salomon doesn’t want to stop there. We all know that runners are very diverse and Salomon is making every effort not only to accommodate those trail runners but road runners as well. I do most of my training runs on pavement since that’s where most of my races will be but I do some off-road training once in a while just to get my feet and ankle stronger. Running a road shoe on loose soil is always a challenge for me and I was so glad to see that there’s a “hybrid” shoe from Salomon that can do both…meet the X-Scream 3D. Let’s go down to the basics and know the shoe better.

·      Lace Pocket: Provides easy storage for the Quick Fit lacing system.
·      Sensifit: Works to cradle the foot providing a precise and secure fit.
·      Quick Lace: Minimalistic and strong lace for one-pull tightening. Easy on, easy off.
·      Friction Free Lace Eyelet: Quick and easy one pull lacing.
·      Molded EVA: Provides excellent next to foot cushioning and anatomical support.
·      Breathable Open Mesh
·      Injected EVA
·      High Abrasion ContaGrip
·      Compressed EVA
·      EndoFit
·      Wet Traction ContaGrip
·      3D Flex
·      3D Profeel Film
·      Asymmetrical Heel Counter

The X-Scream 3D is a neutral running shoe that provides impressive traction on different surfaces. The shoe weighs in at 10.50 ounces (300 grams). The heel to toe drop is 10mm (Heel height: 23mm, Forefoot height: 13mm). I tested a size 10 and suggest to go ½ size up for better comfort or visit your retailer to get a good feel if you can.


The upper material is made of a breathable open air mesh with some added layers of fabric on the inside to increase its structural integrity. Contrary to what I initially thought that air passing thru the material could be an issue but that wasn’t the case. It’s breathable enough even on those hot afternoon runs. The front end of the shoe is sewn with flexible but sturdy toe cap to protect those piggies from any debris or rock.

Salomon has this technology that they incorporated called ENDOFIT™ “an internal fit sleeve designed to hug the foot in exactly the right places and improve feedback and foot wrapping”. Salomon used a stretchable, oversized, soft material on the tongue area that is sewn to the midsole of the shoe (see picture above). This is the first thing I felt when I slid my foot in and it really gave me the security that my foot is “one with the shoe” and I really loved how it felt during the run.

I’ve tested a lot of shoes in the past but none of those have this kind of QUICKLACE™ technology. One of the major benefits of the quick lace is getting your foot secure in a fast time, all it takes is a one pull to tighten and you get the security your foot needs. Aside from that, we all know that getting in and out of the shoe as quickly as possible is important (especially if you’re racing) but the biggest benefit of the quick lace is that eliminates the possibility of unequal distribution of tightness around the top of the foot that could lead to a potential hot spot and ruin your run.
Added to that great feature is the SENSIFIT™ technology that cradles my foot providing a precise and secure fit. So how does it benefit me? One of the issues I have on some of the shoes I tested was that my foot tends to slide forward especially on a downhill regardless of how snug and tight I do my laces. The combination of both technologies eliminated that issue and never did I experience my big toe stabbing the top of my shoe. Kudos to that!

It’s worth mentioning that the inside of the shoe is incredibly soft, you could probably run this without any socks. I haven’t tried this yet since I like to run with my socks on but just be careful if you want to experiment with this shoe.


The heel drop of this shoe is 10mm and though I like running with low heel drop as much as possible, this was almost unnoticeable and it didn’t give me any issues like over stretching my calves and heels. Actually, it even helped me more to lean forward on the take off and gave me that extra push. The bottom of the sole is robust and firm but the forefoot area is flexible enough to give me the proper toe off. It is so stable that there is almost zero lateral flex (side to side flex) which makes more sense since you don’t want the shoe to collapse when tackling corners on a fast pace.

They utilized the Ortholite insole that is a bit different from other insoles. It is few millimeters thick on the bottom of the heel to help absorb the impact when running and gives some energy return on the take-off. The materials like the ContaGrip, Injected EVA, Compressed EVA and Profeel film were strategically arranged that works differently depending on the surface area, the idea behind this shoe is to make it ideal for both city and trail runs.

The Ride

I normally run on a 7+ mile loop close to where I work and the last two miles of that loop is the one that I hated most. It’s made of uneven surfaces with lots of alligator cracks and high crowns. Surprisingly, the shoe didn’t disappoint and it made the surface tolerable. I was able to make my strides faster and consistent which is contrary when I am using my other shoes. Is it just mental? Maybe. But what I care most is my feet are really liking it!

From the get go, I’m not really expecting that the ride will be as cushy like other shoes I have. Branding this as a city and trail shoe, something has to give, right? I felt the firmness of the sole when I ran this on the pavement but I also felt that there was still some cushion to catch my feet on the landing. It’s more amazing how the firmness of the sole felt differently when I tested this off road, it’s actually cushy and forgiving on my legs and knees. The shoe was responsive and forgiving enough on those miles that I pounded on the road and its off road traction was exceptional.

My Verdict
Salomon took the gamble of creating a ‘hybrid” shoe designed to tackle the city and trails and I have to say that they were spot on. Overall, the X-Scream 3D exceeded my expectations and met my needs. I love the fact that I have the flexibility to go off road in the middle of road run and enjoy the beauty of both sides.

For a mere price of $125, this is a great price if you’re looking just to get out and enjoy the trails without needing a real technical trail shoe. You can purchase this directly on their website or at retail stores near you.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you find this information useful. I love to hear your feedback so feel free to drop your comments below.


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