Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tommie Copper: Memory Foam and Sport Orthotic Inserts Review

I did a review of Tommie Copper’s Compression Core Band and Compression Short Sleeve Crew Neck couple of months ago and I got to say that I was really impressed with how comfortable those gears were. Compression garments can be worn during training, races and most especially on the days that you need it most…recovery. You can read my full review of these two gears by clicking here.

Tommie Copper was founded in 2010 by Tom Kallish with the simple goal of helping people live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives. Tommie Copper is one of the many companies that specializes in compression. They have different compression garments to choose from, whatever your need is, chances are Tommie Copper has it. I have reviewed many of their gears in the past and you can read it by clicking the items below:
·         Dress Compression Socks
·         Compression Tight

Tommie Copper just released their new products for foot care, the Memory Foam Orthotic Inserts and Sport Orthotic Inserts. I have this injury in my heels that is “on and off” and it all started when I was training for my first marathon. The pain is more noticeable after doing my long runs. I’m not sure what causing this pain but before I see a podiatrist, which might cost me a fortune, I decided to try some less pricey option. I got nothing to lose so might as well give it a try.

Memory Foam Orthotic                                                             Sport Orthotic Inserts
Features (Memory Foam)
     Great for everyday use
     Stabilizes & support the foot and ankle
     Great for casual footwear, work wear and dress wear

Features (Sport Orthotics)
   Softens impact to feet, ankles & knees during activity
   Helps relieve & prevent pain such as, shin splints, tender arches and Runner’s Knee
   Balances the feet to provide proper alignment
   Great for all athletic footwear styles including: tennis, golf, hiking and more

Fit and Functionality
I wear a size 10 shoes and they fit perfectly on my running and casual shoes. The inserts are much heavier compared to the regular inserts and one thing that is very noticeable on these two orthotics is how high the arches were built. I initially thought that this was designed to support people that have high arches. I have a medium arch and I can feel that these inserts are pushing my feet to go outward. Mainly the high arches were constructed that way to  provide for a proper alignment, however, it felt a little awkward in the beginning but it didn’t take me long to get used to it. Not sure how this will affect some people that are basically flat footed, so I suggest that you give it a few walks for a while before finally committing yourself with these orthotics. Before I go any further, the main difference between the two is that the Sport Orthotics are designed to have more cushion and shock absorption, other than that both are almost identical when it comes to features and benefits.

I’ve been using the Memory Foam Orthotics on my casual / work shoes for some time now. I work in the office and have a standing desk set up, so I’m up on my feet for most part of the day. Having these inserts feel much better since the high arches are pushing my body in proper posture and right amount of foam to cushion my feet. TC has some pressure imaging (see picture) that shows the difference “with and without” their orthotics. I got to be honest that it was hard for me to distinguish the difference with or without the inserts when my heels are OK. But once my heels started to flare up after my long training runs then I can see a little bit of benefit when wearing one. It alleviates some of the pain but not to a point that it will completely eliminate it.

In regards to the Sport Orthotics, I have these inserts in one of my running shoes. I run during lunch time for 4 to 7 miles at the most. As I mentioned on the above that these inserts are heavy and I felt that right from the get go. Changing inserts on my running shoes is a bit hard for me since running is more crucial than walking. Running has a lot more to consider and shoes are the biggest thing that I prefer not to alter. It’s a delicate situation to alter and it requires some balance. I have to say that the weight of the inserts didn’t favor me much during my test runs and it took a little time to get used to with the high arches. Having this so much height on the arches threw my natural gait. Not unless your running form is really bad and needs some proper alignment then this inserts might be something that you can try. As they listed, tennis, golf, hiking are probably some of the activities that you can use this for, but definitely not ideal for running or any sports that will require you to go fast. That said, I ended up using it on my casual shoes and it felt much better.

My Verdict
I’ve been using the inserts for couple of weeks now and I have to be honest that this is tough to review. I will just base my assessment on “if it met my needs”. The main reason for trying it is to see if this can help ease the pain that I experience after my long runs. I have to say that it does, it gave me that support and cushion that my feet needed. The pain is more manageable but not to the point that the pain just went away. I would say that the pain is more tolerable when using these inserts. This really helps me get by on those days that I needed to train. Any little help that I can get is better than nothing.

These inserts are made to support and give us proper balance and it is meant to address minor issues like mine. It is designed to help us get back on track, so don’t let this be a crutch and rely on it totally. Once you feel that you’re back to normal, I suggest that you ease on using them.

The Memory Foam Inserts and the Sport Orthotic sell for $69.50 and $64.50, respectively. It’s a bit hefty in my opinion but you can always give it a try, it might work for you. You can purchase these directly on their website. Tommie Copper stands behind their products and guarantees the quality, performance and fit. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item within 60 days for a refund.


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  2. I think $69.50 and $64.50 is too much for this, i found some less costly here what do you think about those

  3. I cannot agree more...insoles are one of the hardest items to review and it's more on a case to case basis on how useful these products could be. Yes, the price is a bit steep and glad that you found some alternatives. Thanks for your comment.

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