Thursday, July 7, 2016

Buff: UV Buff Tubular Headwear Review

Buff is a seamless multipurpose tubular headwear that can be used as a cap, neck gaiter, beanie, headband and a mask. Buff, short for “bufunda” which means scarf in Spanish, was founded in 1992 by an avid motorcyclist named Joan Rojas. As a motorcyclist, he’s always out under the sun. He gazed for solutions to keep his head and neck protected and with his knowledge in tubular knitting, came out the first Buff.

For more than 20 years, Buff has premiered and innovated the tubular headwear. They incorporated state of the art fabric technologies like Coolmax and Polygiene. I was really impressed with the simplicity and the multi-functionality of this tubular headwear. Check their website and they have a wide varieties on their selections, ranging from running to fishing. They even have gears to protect your pets from the elements and that is something quite unique. For the purpose of this review, they sent me the UV Buff Tubular Headwear and UV Half Buff Headband and I’ve been testing these gears for a few weeks now.

UV Buff
Main Features
     100% microfiber polyester
     Blocks 95% of UV rays*
     Soft, breathable Coolmax® Extreme fabric
     100% seamless
     12+ ways to wear
     Polygiene® Active Odor Control
     Thermal protection from cold & wind
     2-way lateral stretch
     One size fits all adults

Fit and Functionality
The Buff headwear is a one size fits all gear that can be used depending on your needs and how you want to style yourself. I said “style” since there are multi-ways on how the Buff can be worn. It measures about 10 in x 20 in and is relatively thin making it very lightweight and compact. If you are not fond of wearing a cap then this might be a good alternative since it is more versatile and easy to carry than a hat. You can easily toss it in your pocket or wrap it around the wrist as a wristband when you don’t feel like wearing it for a moment. And when it’s time to protect your head from the sun, then just pull it out and you’ll get the protection you need. It blocks the UV rays that prevents you from getting a sun burn and the microfiber polyester absorbs and pulls the moisture away from the skin. Below are the pictures how the Buff can be worn.

UV Half  Buff
I’ve been using the UV Buff on my morning runs and the UV Half when cycling. The difference between the two is just the size. The UV Half is geared towards cycling and since it is half smaller in length than the regular UV Buff it doesn’t have that much material that could bunch under the helmet. What I like most about these gears is the ability to pull the sweat faster than a regular hat. When used as a headband, it helps in redirecting the sweat from rolling into and stinging my eyes. I also have the option to slide it down and it quickly converts it into a gaiter to protect the back of my neck. I got to be honest that I haven’t had the chance to try out the different configurations or ways of wearing it since some of it are best suited for winter or colder environment. But nonetheless, I’m very excited to test it out this coming fall, the beginning of my marathon training. This will be good replacement of my beanie and will serve as a face mask as well on really cold days of running.

Below is a video that shows the different configurations how you can wear the Buff headwear.

My Verdict
The Buff is a simple gear that can be used multiple ways. It is lightweight, compact, soft, breathable, quick drying and offers a lot of protection from UV rays. If you’re hitting the market area and would like to try something new, give yourself a chance and try out the Buff headwear. The price of the UV Buff is $25 (the UV Half is $15) which is almost similar price of a regular hat. But one thing that makes it a great buy is the versatility it offers unlike the regular hat. I think that justifies the price but I still have yet to test its durability when washed several times. You can visit their website or retail stores and check out the different varieties of Buff. You can also get these items thru Amazon and REI that could save you some bucks.

Thanks for reading and let me know how this works for you.

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