Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cotopaxi: Erindi Tech Tank and Retro Trucker Hat Review

Ever heard of Cotopaxi? If not, that’s OK. Cotopaxi is a relatively brand new company that specializes in outdoor gears and apparels. Based in Salt Lake City Utah and founded by Davis Smith in 2013. The name Cotopaxi is taken after a volcano in Ecuador and represented by a tiny llama logo.

Cotopaxi is not just a company like most companies you know. They are the first company in the US to be incorporated as a benefit corporation. So what is Benefit Corporation? It is a type of for-profit corporate entity authorized by 30 U.S states and the District of Columbia. Their purpose is to create a general public benefit that includes positive impact on society, workers, community and the environment. In other words, their purpose is to help those less fortunate and the poorest regions of the world. Hoping to make the world a better place.

I did a review of the Tikal Active shell two months ago and you can read it here.  The name of each product is taken from a place of the region that would benefit from the purchase. Like the Erindi, it’s a protected reserve in Namibia located southeast of Omaruru. So when you decide to purchase this product, that’s where portion of the profit will go. So you get the idea…it’s all about giving back and help those in need.

·   Flatlock stitching and off-shoulder seams reduce abrasion
·   Lightweight and breathable polyester fabric has hydrophilic finish to wick away moisture
·   Comfortable, wide cut provides a full range of motion
·   Slim fit is perfect for cool-weather layering
·   Sustainably made with repurposed fabric
·   Made in USA

Fit and Functionality
Most of the running gears today are made of polyester materials and we know the main reason behind it, to wick moisture away from our body. Erindi tech tank is made of repurposed polyester fabric that is lightweight and breathable, but what is so striking about the Erindi is the feel of the fabric. If you don’t bother looking at tags, you might think that it is made of cotton. Seriously, it is that soft unlike other polyester materials. I was a bit skeptical and wondered if this can really hold up based on how it is advertised. I used this on one of my runs during lunch time and I was surprised how it handled the moisture and sweat away from my body. It’s quick drying, highly breathable, soft and comfortable to wear, making it ideal for training and racing. The design of the Erindi tech tank is not too flashy, it’s very mellow and can be paired easily with jeans and shorts for those quick walk around the neighborhood or trail adventures.

I’m 5’-6” and ordered a medium size and it’s true to size. I’m not a big fan of loose shirt. The Erindi tech tank is a “slim-fit cut” that semi-hugs my body which I like most. Even though that it is semi hugging my body during the run, the material didn’t stick to my skin when I started to sweat. The cut off-shoulder allows more air to circulate and helps in cooling down my core.
·   Adjustable snapback
·   Mesh backing
·   Fits most sizes

Fit and Functionality
We’ve all been accustomed seeing most runners wearing running hats and visors but not so much with the trucker hat. Luke McKenzie, a professional triathlete is known for this signature. I’m not trying to be like him or imitate his choice of fashion, it just makes me wonder why he likes it better than the traditional hat. Well, after testing it along with the Erindi tech tank, now I know. My assumption during my run might be relative and it might just be a personal preference but I like how it performed. The trucker hat is made of some plastic mesh at the back and regular fabric at the front. Unlike the regular hat which sits flat and molds on our head, the trucker hat is stiff enough that it can sit an inch or more above the head. It’s obvious that this gives more room for the fresh air to circulate and hot air to vent out. It felt comfortable during my lunch run with the temperature of at least 900F. You might think that the plastic mesh will eventually get hot, but that was not the case. It even held up pretty well in directing the sweat off my eyes.

My Verdict
Cotopaxi is regarded in producing great and high quality gears, and it shows very well on all the products that I tested so far. The Erindi tech tank is lightweight, breathable and very versatile. It can be used for running or just a normal stroll around the block. If you haven’t tried the trucker hat, then give yourself a chance. I know it’s out of the ordinary and other runners might give you a look. It’s all about function and this hat might just be the hat that can do the trick for you.

You can purchase these products directly on their website and while you’re on it, check out their other items as well and extend your helping hand to other people who are in need. Cotopaxi is built on the premise to help those who are in need and you too can be part of that by supporting them.

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