Friday, April 29, 2016

Tommie Copper: Recovery Compression Tights Review

Compression garments have been in the sports industry for a long time now and we’ve seen those worn by athletes from all different types of sports. Compression garments can be worn during training, races and most especially on the days that you need most…recovery. The perceived benefit here is that it compresses the veins, arteries and muscles making the circulatory channels smaller pushing the blood to travel faster back to the heart, thus supplying our muscles more oxygen.

Tommie Copper was founded in 2010 by Tom Kallish with the simple goal of helping people live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives. Tommie Copper is one of the many companies that specializes in compression. They have different compression garments to choose from, shirts to calves to socks…Tommie Copper got you covered.

I had the chance to test Tommie Copper’s recovery compression tights and I got to say that this is one amazing garment you should try.

Image Credit: Tommie Copper
·         It’s made of fabric infused with copper and zinc.
·         Have the CopperZnergy™ that helps eliminate odors caused by microbes.
·         It offers a UPF 50+ that can protect you from sun’s harmful UV rays.
·         It has a COOL COPPER™ fabric technology that provides moisture wicking and breathability to keep you cool and dry.

Fit and Functionality
Let me begin that not all compression garments are created equal. I’ve tried few different compression bottoms for training and recovery and each has their own good and bad. I’ve been wearing this recovery compression tights for the past few weeks now and I have to say that it really helps me get back on track and be fresh the following day. My workout mainly consists of cycling and running, it’s obvious that my legs are the one taking most of the punishment. There were days that I would train for six straight days and only a day of rest, this compression tights gave life to my sore legs and muscles. I began my long distance running back in 2013 when I did my first half marathon. I don’t know anything much about the benefits of compression back then and I just basically rely on my body to heal naturally and if that doesn’t work…well, super M (motrin) will be there to the rescue. I guess it’s just fair for me to say that I learned more about how to take care of myself as I progress on these sports.

The recovery compression tights doesn’t have a string and it sits a bit high on my waist…way past my navel to be exact. It has a small pocket on the waist but I’m not really sure why they put it since this compression is worn under the pants anyhow. The compression delivered on my legs and calves is not too constricting but it still gave me the support I needed. The one thing I noticed was the thickness of the material the company used. Initially I thought that this will be warm once I start wearing it under my pants, but that was not even the case, it feels natural and as if the compression tights wasn’t even there. It’s comfortable, supportive, it stays in place and it doesn’t bunch up.

I normally do my work out during lunch time and I have to say that wearing the compression tights after those hard runs make a big difference. The fact that I also have a standing work station helps my legs to feel not jelly at all. This recovery compression tights reduces the discomfort of my tight muscles when worn and it does speed up the recovery times. I read some articles that they don’t recommend sleeping with the compression tights but I’ve done the opposite many times and it didn’t affect me at all. This might be different with others, so try to figure out what works best for you. Having fresh legs when I get up in the morning is a good thing besides having my first cup of coffee.

My Verdict
Image Credit: Tommie Copper
Tommie Copper’s compression tights are designed to be comfortably worn all day long. The compression aids in muscle recovery and offers relief from everyday aches and pains. Their compression garments are made with CopperZnergy™ proprietary fabric infused with copper and zinc. CopperZnergy eliminates odors caused by microbes on the fabric and it offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays for skin health benefits.

I’m very well pleased with the recovery compression tights and this shouldn’t be a surprise from a brand like Tommie Copper. The compression tights help me get back on track and speed up my recovery time, it’s comfortable and supportive. Give yourself some TLC and notice the difference the next morning when you wake up.

You can purchase the recovery compression tights directly on their website for $79.50. Its money well spent for a brand this good and the benefits it can give you.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think.

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