Thursday, April 21, 2016

Swiftwick: Maxus Socks Review

Swiftwick is a company based in Brentwood, Tennessee and known for their socks…not just socks, but THE BEST socks out there! I’ve been wearing Swiftwick socks when I started riding a road bike back in 2005 and I can attest to their claim “the BEST SOCKS you will EVER wear, GUARANTEED is absolutely true. I did a review of the Aspire Four Socks last month and I was really impressed with the quality and materials they used. You can read my in-depth review of the Aspire Four socks here.

Image Credit: Swiftwick
Swiftwick just recently released a brand new line of socks called the “Maxus”. I received a pair of Maxus zero last week to test out. If you’re wondering what the zero stands for, it’s basically the number that references the height of the cuff. It ranges from zero (below the ankle)) up to Twelve (which is over the calf). The Maxus comes in two cuff heights only, the zero and one.
Swiftwick claims that the Maxus is their MAX cushion, MAX cooling and MAX wicking socks ever, so I’m happy to put it to the test.

-          Breathable Upper
·         Constructed with Swiftwick signature Olefin fibers and open knit pattern for maximum comfort.
-          Cushioned Toe Guard
·         Creates a second skin fit to virtually eliminate the risk of blisters.
-          Maximum Cushion
·         Made with unique structure and materials to provide maximum cushion and moisture wicking.
-          Managed Compression
·         Proven to reduce swelling, improved circulation and increase endurance.

Fit and Functionality
It was muggy that day when I got out the door to test the Maxus zero on my 11 mi long run last Sunday. They were serious when they said “maximum cushion”. My feet were so comfortable and well supported the entire run. It offered the right amount of cushion and compression without the feel of being constricted. The fact the temperature was high enough that day, I’m a little bit concerned on things like hot spots, blisters, and the ability of the socks to disperse the sweat away from my feet. I was surprised that none of the above hampered my run, my feet stayed cool and dry during and after the run.

My other concern was that it sits below my ankle. I thought that it would just bunched down inside my shoe. Totally not the case, the Maxus stayed where it needs to be. It’s amazing that I didn’t think about it during the run and I was able to focus more on running…it does make a big difference.

My Verdict
As a runner, we are so particular on shoes but no so much when it comes to socks. Sock is one of the gears that we should not overlook, simply because it protects the part of our body that helps us move from one point to the other. I have different varieties of socks, depending on the weather condition and the type of activities I’m doing, I make sure I pick the right socks for that. Maxus is one of those socks that I can rely on whatever the condition is. I truly believe what they put on their package “The best socks you will ever wear”. Without a doubt, this is one of the best athletic socks I have ever worn and highly suggest that you give it a try.

You can purchase the Maxus socks directly on their website for $12.99 or at retail stores near you. Swiftwick guarantees that their product will perform to your satisfaction or they will replace it – even with a competitor’s product. Best of all, it’s proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A!

Thanks again for reading and let me know what you think.  

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