Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pearl Izumi: Pursuit 5” Shorts Review

Image Credit: Pearl Izumi
If you’re into sports or any outside adventures, chances are you’ve crossed with Pearl Izumi’s line of products. But how it all started is quite interesting. Like other companies, Pearl Izumi has its own history to tell. The idea began in Tokyo, Japan more than 50 years ago by a man named Kinji Shimizu. The year was 1964 when one of his sons, Hiro, was racing for the Japanese national team at the Asian Cycling Championships. The race director had ordered jerseys made of cotton and one special jersey. In order to be fair with his cyclists, he had everybody’s name on a piece of paper in the helmet. He drew one name from the helmet and Hiro’s name was pulled. Hiro won the special jersey, a jersey that was made of 100% nylon. Kinji’s support for his son’s cycling career drove him to create cycling apparel made of the same material and perfected it along those years. Pearl Izumi started producing cycling apparel and later extended it to running and triathlon.

I’ve been using Pearl Izumi for 18 years now, back when I started mountain biking in 1998 and I’ve been a firm believer since then that their products are one of a kind. Aside from cycling, I’m also engaged in running and I’m excited to test one of their products, the Pursuit 5” shorts. I’ve been testing this short for few weeks now and I’m happy to say that this is one amazing short that you need to try. So let’s get into details.

Image Credit: Pearl Izumi
- Main body is made up of 100% polyester
- Liner is 88% polyester and 12% elastane

- Transfer Dry 4-way stretch fabric that provides optimal moisture transfer and stretch with superior hand feel.
- Envelope back pocket to store your key, food and phone.
- Transfer Dry built-in liner.
- 3M Scotchlite reflective material for enhanced visibility.
- 5" inseam (size medium).

Fit and Functionality
I received the Pursuit 5” shorts three weeks ago and tried it on few of my short and long runs. From the get go, I already felt that the material was an absolute powerhouse when it comes to moisture management. I tested it on one humid afternoon during my lunch break and I was impressed that the material quickly and easily absorbed the sweat off my body. The material was so light, soft and thin that when it absorbed the sweat, it immediately went to the short and out in the air. The liner was a total surprise to me as well, since liner brief is a “hit and miss” for the manufacturers. Too small and it will create an uncomfortable, tight constricting feel along the groin that could sometimes lead to chafing. Too loose and it basically serves no function. I’m not a big fan of liner briefs and I normally cut them off, but not with this short. It’s amazingly comfortable that it didn’t even bother me while I was running.

For safety feature, the Pursuit 5” shorts is equipped with some reflective strips to increase visibility for those early morning and late night runs. This has been common now for almost all shorts and it’s a good thing that Pearl Izumi included safety in their design. The waist band, like almost all shorts, is elastic and comes with a string to give you the proper fit and snug. One feature that Pearl Izumi took away from the shorts that we’re accustomed to was the side pockets on both sides of the legs that some companies still employ. I personally don’t use those side pockets anyhow to store my running essentials since it only creates a lot of bounce and it annoys me when something is loose and continuously hit my legs when running. So instead of the side pockets, Pearl Izumi included a small stretchable back pocket. Looking at the size and functionality of the back pocket, I’m intrigued and I thought the design was a flawed. My concern was that my running essentials could easily get ejected and no way I could fit my Nexus 5 phone in there. Well, I was totally surprised that my gel and phone fit well in there and none of it got ejected, it stayed there perfectly and it was bounce free the whole time.

My Verdict
Pearl Izumi has created the Pursuit 5” shorts that is both fashionable and functional. Fashionable in a sense that if you look back at the shorts during yerteryears that you might be horrified to wear and look at yourself in the mirror. Well, we can leave those moments behind. The running shorts of this era have remarkably gone thru a new face lift with the inclusion of advance and high tech materials that move with our bodies and making every sport enjoyable, with added safety features.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Pursuit 5” shorts and I highly recommend that you give it a try. Pearl Izumi’s obsession with perfection is reflected on all of their products and their brands are built to last a lifetime. You can purchase the Pursuit 5” shorts directly on their website or go to retail stores near you.

Thanks again for reading and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to post below.

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