Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hydrapak: SoftFlask Review

Have you ever heard of collapsible bottles, containers and flasks? A material that collapses while you drink? Well, there’s a company named Hydrapak based in Oakland, California that pioneered such a thing. For nearly two decades, the Hydrapak Company has been pushing the boundaries of hydration to create a rugged, safe and reliable products designed to go with you anywhere and that can withstand the test of time. Whether it’s a simple refinement of an existing product or new innovation, Hydrapak will be there to push that limit. Hydrapak has been producing high quality materials and innovative designs that are truly remarkable and consumer friendly.

I never had a product like this so I was really curious with how it would function and how will this benefit me in running and cycling. So I contacted Hydrapak and they gave me the opportunity to test one of their products, the SoftFlask 500ml

- Collapsible and lightweight
- BPA and PVC free for a true water taste (not plastic)
- 0.4mm thin TPU
- 42mm twist to lock cap
- Silicone bite valve with dust cover
- Finger loop attachment
- Dishwasher safe (top rack)
- Radio Frequency (RF) welded seams
- No leak (2 year warranty)
- Easy to carry and stash when empty
- Weighs 60 grams

I love endurance sports and hydration is a must. I tested the SoftFlask 500ml on few of my runs and cycling and I have to say that it was so convenient to use. Unlike hard bottles, the SoftFlask collapses as it empties, making it easy to stash into my pocket and it requires less space. Since the flask is collapsible, this helps eliminate the sloshing sound which could sometimes be annoying. The SoftFlask is equipped with a bite valve like other hydration systems in the market and it has control valve that can be twisted for an “on and off” position. But one of the safety features of the SoftFlask was that even though the valve is on the “on” position, water will not leak regardless how hard I squeezed it. In order to get a sip, a gentle squeeze and a chomp to the valve is all it takes and it will deliver the right amount of stream that is easy to drink without the feel of getting choke. 

Aside from the soft TPU material that the SoftFlask is made of, which makes it easy to grip, they added a finger loop located on the bottle neck for extra security just in case you suddenly lose grip while running. It also has a removable plastic cap (dust cover) to prevent dirt getting into the valve if you accidentally drop it to the ground.

My Verdict
If you haven’t tried any of the Hydrapak products then you’re missing out on something that is quite unique. You can even use the SoftFlask on cycling, running, hiking and any other activities that would require you to stay hydrated. Best features are, its super durable, space saver, easy to clean and stash when empty.

I love the simplicity that Hydrapak put into this product, it’s lightweight yet very durable. The SoftFlask comes in five different sizes: 150ml, 250ml, 350ml, 500ml, and 750ml. So depending on your need, Hydrapak got you covered. You can purchase the SoftFlask 500ml for $19.99 by going directly on their website or at retail stores nearest you. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Hydrapak products are built to last and guarantees a 100% satisfaction. Here’s a quick video to prove how durable SoftFlask is.

Video Credit: Hydrapak

Thanks for reading. As always have fun but be safe!

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