Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why do I run?

It’s been a week since I ran the Davis Stampede ½ M and I’m glad that I was able to get some needed rest for 6 days. For some reasons, my legs just felt heavy for few days after the race and hitting the pavement (again) didn’t even cross my mind at all. Geez I can’t even get out from bed without rolling my body to the side.

So what did I get aside from medal after finishing that race? Sore body for sure! But why do I keep on doing it? I’ve been asked many times: why do you keep on running? Don’t you know that it’s bad on your knees? Oh, those sun it’s not good for you. You’re taxing your heart too much and running is not really healthy, etc. I bet you’ve been asked these questions many times in the past (even a lot more) and if you haven’t then I can assure…you will be someday. So do I have to explain myself to them? Yes and No…and it really depends on the person I’m talking to. It’s hard to explain or even justify this to someone…especially if I sense that that someone has no interest in sports or just trying to poke my sensitive side. I respect their opinion on that matter but opinion to me is like a belly button, everybody has it.

I remember my first ½ Marathon (Spirit of the Rock) I did back in November 2013. I was miserable at mile 9 and a complete mess after the race. Do you still remember that Seinfeld episode? When Kramer got mugged by the crowd for not wearing a ribbon during the AIDS charity walk? No, I didn’t get mug or crawl, but I was like Kramer when I crossed that finish line…my body experienced all sorts of muscle pain I never thought I would. I still don’t know how I managed to drove myself back home while having charley horses every time I moved my foot between the gas and the brake pedals. You would think that I should have learned my lessons from there and that could have been my first and last long distance run and just proudly wear a shirt “been there, done that”. But I keep on coming back, I guess I’m like an old dog who kept on peeing on the carpet regardless of how many times I get whacked on the head.

Yes, I’m getting old and my body is falling apart. The sun is slowly setting on me and I’m no longer that stud that I used to be (yeah right?J). I’ve done countless ½ M and 2 Full Marathons to date and that should have been enough. But that’s not the point, I’m doing these sports (running and cycling) out of pure enjoyment and this is my way to be healthy. This is just me talking and if you have a different take on it, then by all means…it’s all about doing things that will make you happy and healthy…and if you ask me, well you know my answer.

What about you, what are your reasons? 

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