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Swiftwick: Aspire Four Socks Review

Image Credit: Swiftwick
If you haven’t heard about Swiftwick, then it’s about time you get out from that cave you’re dwelling in ;-). Seriously, you’re missing out if you haven’t try any of their line up. It is that good and don’t just take my word for it, you got to try it and see for yourself.

If you’re not familiar with Swiftwick, well here’s a brief background on who they are. Swiftwick is a small company based in Brentwood Tennessee founded in 2008 by a group of cyclists wanting better socks than what was currently available in the market. They just wanted something that would wick moisture better, fit better and wouldn’t bunch during the long course of their mountain bike race. That’s it...the rest is history!

Swiftwick is well known for their athletic and medical compression socks but they also produce high performing sport apparels as well. Yes, they’re still a young company and probably have no match against big companies if we’re speaking in volumes. Sure, I wouldn’t argue on that, but at the end of the day, it’s not the quantity that matters but the QUALITY of the products they produced. That my friend is something you can take into the bank.

Swiftwick socks have six different categories to choose from that will suit your needs so you can perform better:
Aspire: Thin and light for serious runner, cyclists and athletes of any sport.
Performance: the original compression sock.
Vibe: Plush feel, perfect fit and fun colors.
Pursuit: made of 200 needle compression wool sock.
Team: your best option when buying in bulk.
Vision: colorful and unique designs to fuel your passion.

I contacted Swiftwick and asked if I could review the Aspire Four socks and they kindly accepted my request. They sent me two pairs of Aspire Four socks and I was really thrilled when I got these in the mail. So with that, let’s get started with my review.

- It’s made of Olefin fiber that pulls away sweat off the body and repels moisture.
- Seamless linked toe and managed compression for blister free experience.
- Antimicrobial technology that fights bacteria and odor, making your socks stay fresh.
- Half Density Weave preventing the socks from bunching as the foot flexes.
- Zoned Climate Channels to release heat and moisture for optimal temperature.
- Linked Toe Technology that eliminates hot spots.
- It has a 4" Managed Compression™ Cuff that stays up on your leg forever.
- Y-Heel Contour for no-slip fit.
- 3- Point Arch Support that helps increase endurance and reduce fatigue.

Image Credit: Swiftwick
Fit and Functionality
You might ask what the number stands for. The number is the height (in inches) of the cuff that Swiftwick utilizes to identify their socks (see picture on the right). Zero being the “no show” socks and it goes up to Twelve (that just sits below the knee). One of the things that is too obvious on the packaging is that Swiftwick advertises their socks are constructed at 200 needles. I don’t know anything about knitting garments but I’m assuming that this is a good thing and probably their advance process in producing the best quality and highest density socks. The fit is next to none…it wrapped my foot evenly without any unusual feeling and it delivered the right amount of compression where it’s needed.

I’m no professional athlete but I’m keen to what socks I need to use if I’m running or cycling. I have them separated in my drawer, you can say I’m OCD and that’s fine with me. The Aspire Four socks are my solution to both. I tested the Aspire Four socks on my training runs and cycling and I got to say that I was blown away with its performance. The Aspire socks did what they claim it can do: no blister, no hot spots, wicks moisture away, stays on my legs and it didn’t bunch. At the end of my training, my legs maybe sore but not my feet.

My Verdict
If Swiftwick could claim a masterpiece, the ASPIRE line would be their Mona Lisa. From Masters to Iron Man Hawaii to Tour De France to Olympics...these socks have been tested and proven. If these accolades are not enough to convince you then I don’t know what else to say. I truly believe what they put on their package “The best socks you will ever wear”. Without a doubt, this is the best athletic socks I have ever worn and highly suggest that you give it a try.

You can purchase the Aspire Four socks directly on their website for $16.99 and while you’re on it, you might want to check the rest of their garments as well. You may be thinking that the price is too much but Swiftwick socks are better in value in the long run. An active person will go thru 12-24 cotton socks in comparison with one pair of Swiftwick socks. Wear Swiftwick and you’ll buy fewer socks. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Best of all, it’s proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. 

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