Sunday, March 20, 2016

Davis Lucky Run ½ Marathon…Great Race But Still No Cigar!

2016 Davis Lucky Run 1/2 M

Two races down so many races still to go. My second race for the year, the Davis Lucky Run is now in the book and my quest to PR @ 1:38:00 eluded me again in the last two miles. I was averaging 7:32 min/ mi when I crossed mile 10, and my plan was to let it all out in the last 3 miles. My legs were doing fine and I thought that I was really killing it. My Garmin watch has this race predictor and it showed that I could possibly cross the line at 1:38:36. That number has been running in my head and thought of every possibility on how I can chip off those remaining seconds. Unfortunately, between mile 11 & 12, my calves sabotaged me, they tightened up and the muscle spasm was spiking at close interval. I slowed down to prevent a full blown cramp. I was able to control it, but the damage of slowing down was already done. I didn’t know that my calves have their own plan…”no way Jose.” I crossed the line @ 1:41:14, 3 min 14 sec away from my goal but 4 min 15 sec faster than my previous race. Maybe next time, I can get that cigar and smoke it…I just need my calves to cooperate next time;-).

So, I looked back at my splits and surprisingly PR’d @ 10K (0:46:26); 15K (1:10:03) and 10 miles (1:15:16). You can see the whole splits here. I know it’s not how strong I started but how I finished…there are still some work to be done, and I know that I’m getting close in achieving it. My next race will be the Capital City Classic in May 15 at Sacramento, so stay tune for my next race report.

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