Monday, March 7, 2016

Davis Lucky Run ½ M

I finished my last ½ M just two weeks ago (Feb 21st to be exact) and I’m training again for this upcoming ½ M which is the Davis Lucky Run schedule on March 19th. This will be my first time doing this race ever since I started long distance running back in 2013. The Davis Lucky Run is part of the Change of Pace Triple play program, where you can pay three ½ Marathons for the price of two. Those ½ M triple plays are Davis Stampede (2/21/16), Davis Lucky Run (3/19/16) and Davis Moonlight (7/9/16). I think that’s a no brainer not to jump into it and save me some moolah, race fees are getting expensive these days. So me and my buddy signed up and have been training (again) together during weekdays.

This is also the first time that I will not participate on the Shamrock ½ M located in Sacramento. I’ve done that race twice and in my humble opinion is the best ½ M here in northern Cali. The Shamrock is schedule on March 13th and is only a week apart from Lucky Run. I was tempted in the beginning to do both but I know that there is no way I can PR or perform well on both, some thing has to give and I might just be asking for injuries if I do them both with not enough time for recovery. So here I am logging those weekly mileages and chasing the PR that eluded me two weeks ago.

I didn’t run for 6 days after my ½ M but I rode my bike instead (almost everyday) during the “supposedly” rest days. It really helped me flush those lactic acid out from my legs and I was able to run again on the seventh day for 8 miles of tempo. Below are the logs from two weeks and last week just to keep you updated:

(February 22nd) Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Bike 16 mi
Wednesday: Bike 16 mi
Thursday: Bike 16 mi
Friday: Rest
Saturday:  Bike 49 mi

(February 29th) Monday: Easy run 5.4 mi
Tuesday: Bike 16 mi
Friday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

I got 12 more days from today before I toe on the start line again. I will be doing the same training and probably do more core workout every other day. I’ve done the P90X several times but somehow I got lazy and it started to slip away from my routine. Hoping that I can find that motivation again so that I can get rid some of this muffin top off me. Any suggestions?

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