Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 6: Davis Stampede ½ M training

This is last hoorah ended on a Valentine’s Day with a 30 mi bike ride (and some really strong wind) before heading into Sunday’s race. To sum it all up, it was a good week and I didn’t feel any soreness on both of my heels at all. I did alternate my two main workouts evenly just to let my right heel get some recovery after the run and I think it worked out perfectly. The bike during that week was a bit short when it comes to distance but it was all out ass kicking from the get go (ask Brian). I’ll be tapering this week to give myself some rest days. It will be easy runs and bike ride just to keep my legs moving and the plan is to have at least two days of rest before I go gaga on Sunday.

As a recap, my training begun last January 4 which gave me a total of 7 weeks of training…the last week being the taper week. I know it’s somehow short but I did a lot of long runs during those weekends so I’m hoping that I can bank on those on the actual event. Below was the breakdown of my last week training:

Monday: Easy run 4 mi
Tuesday: Bike 16 mi
Wednesday: Speed interval 5 mi incl warm up; 6x800 @ 6:50 w/ 2 min RI; Cool
Thursday: Bike 16 mi
Friday: Rest
Sunday: Bike 30 mi

I’m really excited to see how this first race of the season will turn out (if I can beat my previous PR of 1:39:10 from last year’s Urban Cow ½ M) and I will surely keep you posted after the race. Wish me luck.     

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