Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 5: Davis Stampede ½ M training continues

Yes, I’m behind on my weekly update with regards to my ½ M training and you can blame that on Sunday’s Super Bowl. I really have no intention to watch the Super Bowl anyhow, since I’m not a football fan and mainly because I don’t know anything about that game…no, I’m serious. I really don’t know anything about football and for the past years during Super Bowl, the only time I’m in front of the TV was during commercials and half time presentations. It’s either I’m in the garage working on my bikes or doing some yard work and my wife would just let me know if it’s commercial. Sunday was a bit different, for the very first time I found myself watching this game. So why you asked?

I’m pretty sure that you noticed this already that when it’s Super Bowl, the street is “super empty” as well (at least from where I live) and I always take this opportunity to ride my bike without fear of getting hit, yelled at or brushed off by some cray cray drivers. Well I did ride, but I did that early in the morning because the afternoon forecast will have some strong wind. I was blown by the wind last Friday when I did my 45 mi bike ride and it was no fun. So just to save myself from being blown away (again), I rode and finished early that Sunday. Cleaned the bike and there was nothing else to do after that…and that’s where I found my lazy ass siting and watching this game. Anyhow, here’s the breakdown of last week training:

Monday: Easy run 5 mi 
Tuesday: Bike 16 mi
Wednesday: Easy run 4 mi
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Bike 45 mi
Sunday: Bike 26 mi

I tried not do so much running this time and let my right foot heal. It’s getting much better so far and I’m still getting the right amount of cardio workout from cycling anyhow.

So if you ever wonder after I sat down for 5 hours watching the football game…do I understand the game by now?…ohhh heck no!

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