Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 4: Davis Stampede ½ M training continues

If you’ve been following my weekly training, you probably are tired when I say that I modified the prescribed training program again. So to save you the hassle, yes I did. But hear me out, for the past 3 weeks that I’ve been doing 13 miles as my weekly long run, my right heel suddenly experienced the same injury as my left heel back when I was training for my last marathon. Now both of my heels are injured to some degree. I’m not really sure if it’s a bone bruise or a stress fracture but the first 2 miles of my every run was either slow or I have to stop multiple times to stretched it out just to ease the pain. Once warmed up, I’m good to go, so it’s really annoying at some point. I’m not really sure what cause this pain, so I decided to lessen the pounding on my feet and the number of running days that I should be doing, but I logged the mileage in cycling instead. This is how it went:

Monday: Easy run 5 mi @ 8:51
Tuesday: Bike 16 mi
Wednesday: Speed interval 5 mi incl warm up; 5x800 @ 7:00 w/ 2 min RI; Cool
Thursday: Bike 16 mi
Friday: Core Workout (P90X ab ripper)
Saturday:  Easy run 5.4 mi @ 8:37
Sunday: Bike 36.5 miles

I can say that switching few of my runs with cycling really helped me alleviate the pain at some point and hope that it will get better as the race gets closer. The cycling done on the weekdays was just too short since I needed to be back to work at certain time. I’m planning to log more long distances in the next few weeks if my heels still give me problems, so just a heads up.

I’m still aiming in finishing it in 1:38:00 (7:28/mi) to set a new PR this year. But if things go south, no worries I still have plenty of races left. It’s a matter of keep moving forward. “Running is not just a sport; it will teach you a lot about life as well”.

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