Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tommie Copper: Men's MicroModal® Compression Dress Calf and Dress Crew Socks Review

Compression garments have been in the sports industry for a long time now and we’ve seen those worn by athletes from all different types of sports. Compression garments can be worn during training, races and most especially on the days that you need most…to recover. The perceived benefit here is that it compresses the veins, arteries and muscles making the circulatory channels smaller pushing the blood to travel faster back to the heart, thus supplying our muscles more oxygen.

I was given a chance to review Tommie Copper Men’s MicroModal® Compression Dress Calf and Dress Crew Socks. Just to be clear, it’s not the compression socks that you would normally wear during workout, if that’s what you prefer then grab the “performance” compression socks in their line up. These socks are meant to be used for “recovery”, which means that it’s intended to be used after your workout. The great news is that you can even wear this on casual and day to day work. You can even wear this on your date night or for those special occasions. I got to say that I’m all excited to test it out and find out how it performs.  So with that, let’s take a closer look.
Image Credit: Tommie Copper
·         It’s made of fabric infused with copper and zinc
·        Have the CopperZnergy™  that helps eliminate odors caused by microbes
·         It offers a UPF 50+ that can protect you from sun’s harmful UV rays
·         It has a COOL COPPER™ fabric technology that provides moisture wicking and breathability to keep you cool and dry.

Fit and Functionality
For the record, this is my first time wearing a dress compression socks…heck I don’t even own a performance compression socks that I can use on my runs so I’m not really sure what to expect. I’ve been using different kinds of socks when going to work but none of those were compressions. So let’s discuss first how it fits: My initial thought was that it will require some muscle and wiggling to get my feet in there, but that was not the case. It has just the right amount of stretch that I can slide my feet in with no trouble at all. For the calf socks, I suggest that you rolled it down first for easy access then work your way up. The compression is very noticeable on the calf and above the ankle area. The elastic stretch that wraps around the forefoot (i.e. Zone Lock Arch Support) delivers just the right amount of tightness, comfort and support on my feet, which is very noticeable in comparison with the regular socks that I’ve been wearing. Honestly, I thought it will be constricting like “tight wrapping feel” that it might cause some blood flow issue and numbness on my feet, but none of those I experienced.

So how’s the functionality? My friend and I normally do our workout during lunch time and
have to come back to work after. The over the calf compression has made a huge difference in stabilizing my calf muscles (after that hard work out) from jarring, which decreases the possibility of muscle soreness and fatigue. For a sport minded person, the mantra is “Train hard, recover faster...repeat”…the faster we can bounce back, the better. I wore mine for several hours after my work out and I can tell that my legs felt better, less sore and more recovered. It felt very comfortable and I wouldn’t mind wearing this all day.

My Verdict
With this, I’d recommend that you give Tommie Copper’s Men’s MicroModal® Compression Dress Calf Socks (and Dress Crew Socks) a try and feel the difference. You can purchase it directly on their website for $34.50 (for the Dress Calf Socks) and $29.50 (for the Dress Crew Socks). You might think that the price is on the steep end but try comparing these with other compressions socks and you’ll be surprise that their cost is really decent. Literally it’s a 2 in 1 package, you get the quality (of a compression socks) and comfort (of a dress socks) that makes it even worth it. There’s no better deal than that.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. 


  1. Oh guy, i really love tommy copper brand. Thank you for your review. In the future, hope you'll have more quallity articles. Thank you agains

  2. Hi Nguyen, thanks for your comment and glad the you liked the review. There are quite a few items of Tommie Copper that I have reviewed and you can search them easily. Feel free and let me know if you have any questions.