Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Opedix: Dual-Tec™ 2.0 3/4 Length Tights Review

Image Credit: Opedix
If you’re into sports, the last thing you want to happen is to get injured. But that’s just the reality when we push our bodies to the limit. Our muscles are being subjected to different stresses and loads and if we fail to recognize some preventive measures in the beginning, this can sometimes lead to injuries. Let’s admit it, we are all susceptible to get injured whether we have an active lifestyle or not…things get even worse when age starts catching up on us, which make us even more vulnerable to injuries. If you are in that bracket ( I know I am), you don’t necessarily have to slow down, you just have to train smarter, listen to your body and take advantage of the technological advancement out there.

Wearing support apparels have been a common trend for quite a few years now and there are numerous manufacturers out there that supply these apparels. Opedix is one of those companies but they stood out amongst the rest. They took a new approach to create new apparels not only to support our bodies’ natural movements but also reinforced the sections along the targeted joints and key muscles. These apparels are scientifically engineered to activate our body’s movement known as the “Kinetic Chain”. In simple terms, this Kinetic Chain triggers our body’s ability to work as one unit harmoniously. According to Opedix, Kinetic Chain helps promote the dynamic alignment and optimal joint function of our body which translates to doing the activities we love longer, better and less fatigue. They incorporated this into their apparels and called it Kinetic Health Gear…and Opedix claims that it can reduce the wear and tear on joints, increase endurance thus improving your performance, and it even helps you recover from existing injury and relief from every day pain. They also have a patent called Torque Reform Technology that they incorporated into their high performance compression apparels, which main function is to keep your body in proper alignment at all times (most especially when we fatigue) to help you perform at your best.

I reach out to Opedix and they graciously sent me the Dual-Tec™ 2.0 3/4 Length Tights for review and to be honest, I was stoked…so let’s dive in and check this beauty out.

Packaging + Mesh bag
I was totally impressed with the packaging when I received this in the mail. It was well built with some good feel in it. The tights came with a mesh bag that they highly recommend you use when washing, to protect the tights from getting snag by other laundry clothes that have zipper or especially if you have clothes that have velcro in it. The tights itself is made of 23 separate elastic panels. The key areas like knees and muscles along the quads, around the knees and lumbar are doubled panel giving me that massive support I needed. The gusseted crotch is very well constructed that makes me feel comfortable and it moves with my body during my runs…preventing the unbearable chaffing (no pun intended). It has at least two inches of waistband that has enough elastic grip (not constricting at all) and it also has a draw cord just in case I decide to wear it a bit low profile. Thanks to the “4 ways stretch” making the fabric feels very subtle on my skin and it lays flat all the time feeling like it’s a second skin. The material wicks very well even on those not so chilly days which helps proper thermal regulation and odor management.

Fit and Functionality
I thought I ordered a wrong size just by looking how small it was…but it wasn’t, their size guide is on the spot.

However, please consider these two scenarios for sizing:
1.)  If you find yourself in between two sizes and if you are one of those lucky ones that have massive legs and calves, I suggest that you size up.
2.) If you find yourself in between two sizes (and you have proportional body) I suggest that you size down.

Your knee on the big circle
I was a bit careful putting it on the first time and getting into those tights was a bit of a challenge in comparison with some of my tights. I initially heard some popping sounds and thought that I just ruined the stitches. This is just the natural way the fabric reacts when adjusting to the contour of my body (no, I’m not sexy if that’s what you’re thinking). The key in putting this on is to make sure that it properly sits on the areas it needs to support. The big circle on the knee area (see picture) will be your initial point in getting this on spot. I immediately felt the snug on my legs and the right amount of compression but not too much that it limits my movement. The very noticeable part was the reinforced stretch around my knee areas and lumbar. It feels like that it’s pushing my body to its proper alignment.

I tested the Dual-Tec™ 2.0 3/4 Length Tights on two different occasions; first on my 10 mi training run and the second was during the Davis Stampede ½ Marathon race last Sunday. Training run was different from a race. I was already stoked how it supported my body during my training and still felt energized at the end of my 10 miles. So what a better way to test it by pushing my body to its limit on the actual race. So I decided to wear this on the Davis Stampede ½ M race. I was really surprised that it held up pretty well and totally exceeded my expectations. Fatigue is my biggest enemy and I tend to lose my form when it sets in after many miles...not this time with my Opedix. The only issue I had during the race and what prevented me from hitting my PR was that I accidentally injured my right heel along the gravel course and I have to slow down, you can read my race report just in case you’re wondering. Though I was not able to PR, I can attest the science and test data behind it are not just a hype…it does what it promises to deliver and I got to say that I’m really impressed.

My Verdict
After 10 mi of training run
Would I recommend this? A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y! If you are looking for a top notch quality and performance, then look no further. The Opedix Dual-Tec™ 2.0 3/4 Length Tights has exceeded my expectations by far. Additionally, if you’re the type of person that is experiencing or very prone to injuries then this is the product you need to try. It will help you rehabilitate your injury more effectively. Honestly, the only downside in my opinion is the price tag that comes with it, a whopping $225 which definitely can put a big dent in your wallet. The price tag is not for everybody and it can easily push someone away and look for some other alternatives. But if you need that extra edge to out perform the competitions, then by all means take advantage of this great apparel that is truly backed by science and real data. Real data is the backbone of this product and numbers don’t lie. You can read more of their scientific studies directly on their website.

Give yourself a chance and experience the difference. You can purchase the Dual-Tec™ 2.0 3/4 Length Tights on their website and if by any means this is not for you then you can return this within 30 days and get a full refund, no questions ask.

Thanks again for reading and I love to read your feedback so feel free to post in the comment section below.


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