Wednesday, February 10, 2016

OOFOS: OOriginal Review

The OOFOS company has been in the sports and manufacturing industry for quite a few years now and has been getting a lot of buzz. So I reached out to OOFOS and I want find out myself what the hype is all about. What makes me wonder too is, how they were able to create such a magnitude with just a simple product that we’ve already known for a long time…c’mon it’s just a sandals, no big deal…right? Maybe it’s because of their backward mentality that made them stood out from the rest…let me explain. If you need shoes, you go to a running store, to find the most comfortable shoes to support your feet while running. Most runners are so critical in choosing the right shoes. They’ve probably done so much research as if they’re buying a new car. Nothing wrong with that. The question is, what do you put on those feet after the brutal miles of training? Maybe not a big deal for some and who cares…that’s where OOFOS comes in. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Image Credit: OOFOS
Let me start my review by saying “this is the best sandals ever anybody can ask for”. I can surely end my review and leave it on the high note… I’ll just let you verify what I just said. But I think its not enough and I need to acknowledge all the good things about this product. The OOFOS OOriginal are made of a closed cell foam they called OOFoam. A material so light that it offers 37% impact absorption compared to the traditional foam used in some shoes. It gives the feet the ability to recover as quickly as possible from hard training or from the normal day to day activities like walking and standing for a long period of time. This also benefits people who are experiencing minor foot problems which prevents them from standing due to pressure building up in their feet.

Image Credit: OOFOS

The Ride
What I immediately noticed was how high the arches were constructed in comparison to a regular sandals or flip flops and feels that I’m an inch higher. It feels a little strange the first time I put it on but it didn’t take much time to get used to it. I noticed how it alleviates the pressure off my ankles the moment I stepped in. It was meticulously constructed to deliver the right amount of cushion and dense where it needs to be. The forefoot portion is flexible and it gets a little denser as you go down the heel. The thong portion (no pun intended) is firm but has a soft feel and didn’t cause any chaffing or irritation like the traditional flip flops. I love that it has the grooves and hugs my feet snugly without being too tight making it so ideal for strolling around town and lounging.

My Verdict
As many of you know that I’ve been training again for my ½ M. I’m running and cross training during weekdays and logging my long miles over the weekend. Unfortunately, I experienced some bone bruise on my right heel during the course. This situation gets even worse after I finished the run but I can honestly say that OOFOS really saved me from getting thru the pain, it gets me back on my feet and ready again for the next day. I’ve been using my OOFOS OOriginal for over a week now and I’m loving it. You can even throw it in a washing machine (or hand brush) if you need to get it cleaned, just make sure that you wash it with cold water and hang them dry.

The OOFOS OOriginal sells for $44.95 which I think is a little bit steep. Though the price is on the high end, it is justifiable…every dollar you spent on this is absolutely worth it! Considering the execution and the amount of time they spent to deliver a product and does what it promises to do. It’s often that we see those products full of hype but failed to deliver…not the OOFOS! The OOFOS sells different styles and colors that could perfectly match your life style. You can get yours directly on their website and retail stores located around the nation. If perhaps you happen to live outside the United States, they have expanded internationally as well, so check them out.

Do yourself a favor and grab one today and experience the difference. Their mission is to make yOO feel better…and I got to say that they did! Thanks for reading and let me know what you think.

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