Sunday, February 14, 2016

Brooks: PureFlow 5 Review

I was able to test out the new Brooks PureFlow 5 courtesy of my good friend Brian Goldman. Brooks launched the PureFlow 5 at the beginning of this year…what a better way to welcome a new year with a new line of shoes. The PF5 is the 5th version of PF if you haven’t figure it out yet. In the shoe industry, manufacturer can easily discontinue the line of shoes if it keeps getting negative reviews from consumers, not the PF. With this many versions of PF, it only shows that runners are satisfied and loving how it performs. Brooks continue to preserve the DNA of PF with few tweaks from the previous versions. With this let’s begin with my review.

The Brooks PureFLow 5 falls under the “connect me” category of the Brooks line-up. The “connect me” shoes are considered to be lightweight and flexible with low profile to the ground. The PF5 shoes are considered Neutral shoes; designed for runners with medium to high arches and need minimal support. The shoes weigh in at 9.2 ounces for men size 9 and 7.8 ounces for women size 7; with this weight it is considered to be on the high end of lightweight shoes. The heel to toe drop is 4mm (Heel height: 22mm, Forefoot height: 18mm). The product I tested was a size 10 and it really feels true to the size. So no more guessing game when it comes to the fit.


The upper is made of a new 3D fit print that gives the material a strategic stretch making me feel that it wraps around my feet but not so much that it feels constricting. The mesh provides a good flow of air making my feet breathe which helps in moisture management. The heel collar inner lining is incredibly smooth and feels comfy plus it is high enough which provides a wraparound feel preventing my heel from sliding out. The tongue is very well padded and the eyelets are placed strategically so you can put the right pressure where it needs to.

The PF5 has the Biomogo DNA layout making it 10% lighter than its predecessor, this new layout offers enough cushion and right flex to every stride. It has a rounded heel which provides for better alignment thus minimize the stress on the joints.

The Ride
I tested the PF5 on two occasions, initially running it for a short tempo for 5.4 miles, and a short easy run for 4 miles. The toe box was a bit narrow in my opinion which might create some hot spots for runners with wide feet. I think it would have been a lot better if the mesh can stretch even more to create more room in my forefoot. In comparison with other shoes I tested, the heel of the PF 5 is not that cushy which is obvious since the shoes are labeled under the “connect me” category and having a low profile to the ground. I think the 10% reduction gave away some of that cushiness, however, I think it is better suited for tempo or speed interval run where you need to feel the ground but not so much for long run.  

My Verdict
I really enjoy the tempo ran I did with the PF5, with the low profile I was able to feel and more connected to the ground. It has a good flex making my feet to bend naturally in every stride. The shoes sell for $110 which is a great decent price for a product this good. You can purchase it directly on their website or at your favorite local retail store around the nation. The PF5 isn't the kind of shoes I'd use for all my runs due to the firmness of the sole and not so stretchy upper but this will be my go to shoes for those training runs and fast tempo. Give them a try and let me know what you think.

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