Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 3: Davis Stampede ½ M training continues

Below is what my training program calls for, total of 29 miles:

Monday: Easy run 4 mi @ 8:49
Tuesday: Easy run 3 mi @ 8:49
Wednesday: Speed interval 6 mi incl warm up; 4 mi @ 7:26; Cool
Thursday: Easy run 3 mi @ 8:49
Friday: Rest
Saturday: long run 13 mi @ 8:49
Sunday: Rest

However, the above plan didn’t turn out the way it’s supposed to be due weather condition and I did the best I can just to keep the legs moving:

Monday: Bike 20 mi
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Easy run 4.5 mi
Thursday: Bike 16 mi
Friday: Core Workout (P90X ab ripper)
Sunday: Bike 26 mi

It’s getting hard for me to follow my training plan due to constant rain. But on the good note, it also opens up something that I need to be doing aside from running. This helps me to focus on cross training which sadly been neglected when I was training for my marathon last year. So for those days that I didn’t run, I rode. Personally it helps to stimulate some of the muscles that I haven’t been using during my runs and it gave my running muscles a break to recover. It still gave me the endurance training and I’m pretty happy about that. Though I missed some of the short runs during the week, I make sure that I do my long run of 13 miles within the required pace or at least a bit faster. The 13 mi run that Saturday was a challenge due to strong winds and the fact that I got nobody to run with was already a torture. I changed my route just to see new things and hoping to bump with someone along the way...nah didn’t happen, guess I’m the only crazy guy running that timeJ

I still have a month to go before the race and I still need to lose 7 lbs before hitting my ideal race weight of 160 lbs. We’ll see what next week may bring, it seems that we will be getting some break from the rain…its going be a good week.

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