Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 2: Davis Stampede ½ M training continues

The 2nd week of my training has been adjusted again due to constant rain this past week.
The required mileage that I needed to do last week was 27 miles and here’s the breakdown:

Monday: Easy run 3 mi @ 8:52
Tuesday: Easy run 3 mi @ 8:52
Wednesday: Speed interval 6 mi incl warm up; 3x1600 @ 6:59 w/ 800 jogs; Cool
Thursday: Easy run 2 mi @ 8:52
Friday: Rest
Saturday: long run 13 mi @ 8:52
Sunday: Rest

Note:   I made some adjustments and switched days due to rain but still made the required distance:
Monday: Bike 20 mi
Tuesday: Speed interval 5 mi incl warm up; 4x800 @ 6:59 w/ 3 min RI; Cool
Wednesday: Easy run 3.5 mi
Thursday: Rest
Saturday: Rest

The Monday bike ride was a tough one since I rode right after work and what made it even worse was that I forgot to charge my lights the day before. I was basically in time trial mode the entire ride and racing against the sunset. I made it home but geez I was done after that. The following day was not even easy at all, my friend and I hit the track and did 4x800. It’s just amazing what our body can do when the situation demands it. I surely got my ass kicked but it was a good kick though;-).

I was off last Friday so I decided to do my long run instead (since Saturday’s forecast was a 100% chance of rain). So mind as well do it now and get this done. I stopped every mile for 3 miles since I couldn’t get my legs to warm up but at the end I still ran it faster than the required pace. My Sunday run went well and did a negative split but this time it was slower than the required pace. Overall, I did very well and my body is just feeling fine with no soreness and aching muscles, yet…hope I’m not jinxing it!

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