Sunday, January 10, 2016

Davis Stampede...and the training begins

This is it! The first training season for the year has begun last week (January 4th) in preparation for the Davis Stampede ½ Marathon this February 21st. This is the first time that I’ll be using a structured training program for a ½ M…somehow I was able to manage and finish those ½ M that I did in the past with just few runs here and there and by winging it on race day. Not a very good approach and I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody, so learn from me.

With my goal of setting a new PR this year, I need to come up with a plan and stick with it. A friend and co-worker of mine mentioned the Smart Coach by Runner's World, and what a better way to have a program that I can use for free (I’m such a sucker when it comes to free stuff). There’s also an option of paying $4.99/mo if I want to take the full advantage of the program. So, if you're interested in trying this free and awesome program, all you got to do is sign up and you're ready to go.

The free version of the Smart Coach lets you create a training program by answering few questions. I have provided a screenshot below and as you can see, it’s pretty much self-explanatory. After providing the information based on what kind of race distance you're training for, the intensity level, etc., all you got to do is hit "Create New Plan" and voila it will magically create a training program for you.

***One  important note that I need to mention, if you decided to use the free version and say that you have already created a training program, you cannot modify or make adjustments to it anymore. What you need to do is to create a new plan instead. That's the only hassle, but overall I think it's a great program.

Here's a summary of what my training looks like during the FIRST WEEK:
Monday: Easy run 3 mi @ 8:54
Tuesday: Easy run 2 mi @ 8:54
Wednesday: Tempo run 6 mi incl warm up; 4 mi @ 7:30; cool
Thursday: Easy run 2 mi @ 8:54
Friday: Rest
Saturday: long run 13 mi @ 8:54
Sunday: Rest

Note:   Due to constant rain during my first week of training, I made some adjustments:
             Monday: 5 mi (easy)
            Tuesday: Rest
            Wednesday: Rest
            Thursday: 5 mi (tempo)
            Friday: Bike 45 mi 
            Saturday: long run 13 mi @ 8:48
            Sunday: Rest

You can also follow me on Garmin Connect and Strava to see the full details of my training.

Thanks for reading and feel free to post comments or questions in the section below and I’ll be happy to try and answer them as quickly as possible. As always, have fun but be SAFE!

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