Thursday, December 24, 2015

Let The Journey Begin

California International
Marathon 2014
Welcome to Finish Line Fever! I'm Ferdinand Batatan and I’m just a regular guy (like most of you) who likes to be active. I run, bike, and do pretty much anything in between. I started running back when I was still in the U.S Air Force. Running has always been a part of our monthly physical test so I basically have no choice but to do it. My last 1.5 mi run was 0:10:45 which converts to 7:10 min/mi. Not bad for an old guy like me but I never really enjoyed it that much. That said, I quit running right after I got out from the service in 2006.

Filling that void, I went back to cycling. Like you…yes you! I have been riding since I was a little kid and that passion of riding really grew on me. I joined a cycling club and started doing few sanctioned road races here and there. Somehow, that didn’t last long so I just ended up doing local road races once in a while and century rides with my friends.

Back to running!
Before we get to today...let’s go back to 2011, the year that few of my co-workers and I signed up for the “Fit for Life” challenge…it’s free and it’s only a 3-month program. So we came up with an exercise that most of us can do, you guessed it, it’s RUNNING!..geez why? But since I already committed myself, mind as well suck it up. After five long years of not running, we ran our first two miles and I was out of breath. Can somebody give me a piggy back? Somehow the cardio that I’ve been doing in cycling doesn’t translate much in running…I wonder why?

The next morning, I felt the pain in my groin / quads and have to do the "roll maneuver" just to get out from bed to bathroom…ouch! But that didn’t stop me from running, we ran twice a week as a group and I did my own run during the weekend. Fast forward to 2013, I did my first half marathon which is the Spirit of the Rock in Sacramento. Surprisingly, I finished it in 1:46:03 (8:06 min/mi), 10th overall and 2nd on my age group. From then on, I’m hooked! I’ve done more than a handful of ½ Marathons and 2 full Marathons so far. I guess that “running bug” really is true.

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